Materials: Artisan Perfumery Series: Business of Scents

Materials: Artisan Perfumery Series: Business of Scents

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Artisan Perfumery Series: Business of Scents



- Stable internet access

- Webcam

- Artisan Perfumery Kit (this kit is optional)

15 pcs.  Assorted 5ml Fragrances & Essential Oils

15 pcs. Bottle for 10ml Oils

1 pc. Ethyl Alcohol (500ml)

1 pc. Dipropylene Glycol Moisturizer (120ml)

1 pc. 10ml Perfume Bottle

2 pc. 50ml Plastic Bottle for Room Sprays & Colognes

1 pc. 85ml Diffuser Bottle

1 pc. 30ml Perfume Bottle

5 pcs. Diffuser sticks

10 pics. BC Fragrance Labels

20 pcs. Pipettes

50 pcs. Blotters


- Optional Materials available for purchase: 

Digital Weighing Scale (can be purchased through lazada at P300-P425)

Labware Kit (Additional bottles & Additional oils) worth P2,200




    How to Order :

    1. Purchase Artisan Perfumery Series Kit via SoFA Digital Campus Website. 

    2. Please wait for acknowledgement email from our Admissions Department.  

    2. Schedule for Delivery:


    Home Delivery:

    Orders may be delivered to the students' home. Kindly coordinated with SoFA Admin, Richard Abustan.  Request for delivery must be sent via email to or mobile at (0926) 610 0978.