Indoor Gardening & Plantscaping: Plant Propagation & Upkeep

Indoor Gardening & Plantscaping: Plant Propagation & Upkeep

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This course will guide students in developing  skills to make informed decisions on the selection, care and integration of indoor plants in an interior setting. These skills  include identifying, selecting, caring and using plants in designing “living” spaces accounting for the conditions required for the specific plant varieties concerned.

The course aims to familiarize students with the different indoor and outdoor plants in the context of our living environments, accounting for the requirements of indoor & outdoor plantscaping together with the elements & principles of designing interior spaces.





Plant Propagation & Upkeep

July 25 – August 29, 2021 | Sundays | 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM



Course Structure: The workshop will be done via distance learning through applications like Zoom and Google classroom.



    MODULE 2:  Plant Propagation & Upkeep

    SESSION 1-2

    • Propagation and caring for young indoor plants
    • Other Indoor Plants
    • Keeping a plant journal

    SESSION 3-4

    • Spotting & Addressing Problems (pests, plant diseases, imperfections, etc)
    • Reporting on Assessment: Spotting & Addressing Problems (pests, plant diseases, imperfections, etc)

    SESSION 5-6

    • Plant Parenting Care & Maintenance
    • Assessment using Plant Journal
    • Final Presentation of Propagated Plant & Journaling report

    BONUS (For Module 3)

    • Presentation of Styled Vignette of Indoor plant varieties





      Aubrey Miles-Montero, plantswoman & plant collector aka “The Mother plant”

      Kitty Bunag, Space Stylist



      Certificate of Attendance will be given to each student who has successfully completed the program.

      Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable. Please be informed that once the Workshop has started payment for the program will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

      Name Registration. In order to properly enroll to the Workshop the name to be registered should be the name of the student.



      - Stable internet access

      - Laptop with webcam 

      *Materials List will be sent separately 


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