Basic Visual Presentation Kit

Basic Visual Presentation Kit

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List of Materials:

1pc. 12 x 18 size 200 gsm Canson Watercolor papers

1pc. 9 x 12 Sketchbook (watercolor paper/heavyweight pad)

2pc. 15" x 20" Watercolor Boards

1 set 16-color Prang Watercolor Palette

1 set Colored Pencils 36ct (Faber Castell/Colleen)

1 set Momiji Round Watercolor (natural-synthetic blend) brushes in #8, #6 or #5, #4 or #3, #2 or #1, #00, #000

1pc. Momoji Hake Brush 60mm (or 1" flat painter's brush)

1 set Staedtler Pencils (if without Drafting Kit) in 4H (or 2H), H, F, HB, 3B (or 2B), 4B (or 6B), 9B

1 set Shading stump (mixed sizes)

1pc. Faber Castel moldable eraser/kneaded eraser

1pc. Koh-i-noor Pencil eraser

1pc. White Pen

1pc. Poster Paint (red, blue, yellow, white, black)

1pc. White Mixing Palette (plastic/metal)

1pc. 1" Masking Tape

1pc. 1pc Water dropper/ small spray bottle

1pc. Cutter 

1pc. Sandpaper 80/100 grit

2pcs. Clear Water Container (plastic)

1pc. 9 x 12 plastic/acrylic sheet

1pc. 1/8 Illustration Board

1pc. Masking Fluid


End of selling by March 15, 2021



How to Order :

1. Purchase Creative Tool Kits or Rent equipment via SoFA Digital Campus Website. 

2. Schedule for Delivery:

On Campus Pick-up

- Orders Received on or before March 8, 2021 may be picked up from SoFA Design Institute campus by March 10, 2021.

- Order Received on or before March 15, 2021 may be picked up from SoFA Design Institute by March 17, 2021.

- For all other creative tools, all orders maybe be picked up a day after payment confirmation until supplies last.

- Student should coordinated with SoFA Admin, Richard Abustan via email to or mobile at (0926) 610 0978. 


Home Delivery:

Orders may be delivered to the students' home. However booking for courier/trucking will be done by the student and should be coordinated with SoFA Admin, Richard Abustan.  Request for delivery must be sent via email to or mobile at (0926) 610 0978.