Fashion Upcycling: A Step Towards Sustainability (FACE TO FACE)

Fashion Upcycling: A Step Towards Sustainability (FACE TO FACE)

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A billion tons of clothing end up in landfills yearly. Many designers from different fields of the fashion industry are focused on addressing this issue by making conscious choices and incorporating environmentally friendly practices into their brands.

In this practical and creative course, participants will learn the "second life movement" or how to create one-of-a-kind clothing garments that are sustainably made by giving life to old pieces. 

With the use of preloved clothing, participants will learn design principles and easy-to-learn sewing techniques to make a unique piece of upcycled clothing. Participants will be guided and taught skills needed to design and create ideas based on deconstruction and reconstruction techniques. They will conclude the course with a completed item of clothing as well as technical files of samples that they may use for future projects.


Schedule: June 08 - July 06, 2024 | Saturdays | 1:00PM - 3:00PM 


Course Structure: The workshop will be done on campus here at 399 Enzo Building. Live discussions and demonstrations will aid the students in building their sustainable brands. 


Course Outline

Session 1: Sustainability and Related Practices

Session 2: Design Techniques

Session 3: Pattern Cutting

Session 4: Hand Sewing Techniques/Embroidery/Embellishment

Session 5: Finishing of Final Project


Faculty: Irene Subang

Certificate of Attendance will be given to each student who has successfully completed the program.

Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable. Please be informed that once the Workshop has started, payment for the program will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

Name Registration. In order to properly enroll to the Workshop, the name to be registered should be the name of the student.



- Laptop/Desktop or Tablet

The following equipment are required:

- Basic Sewing Kit (Needles, Threads, Fabric Scissors, Pins, Tailors Chalk, Stitch Unpicker, Assorted haberdashery: Buttons, lace, patches, scrap fabric)

- 2-3pcs. of preloved clothing (Tops)

- Fashion Magazines

- Sketchbooks/ Notebooks

- Pens/Pencils

- Any additional fabrics students may want to use (approx 1/2 yard minimum)


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