Heart of Blue & Gold - All 3 Webinars

Heart of Blue & Gold - All 3 Webinars

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Enrolling in this course will ensure a seat in all 3 Heart & Gold Webinars.

Planet Parenthood: Raising Resilient Children
February 19, 2022, Saturday 10am PHT |  Lissy Ann Puno

Young people are experiencing greater stressors these days. Changes and challenges may overwhelm and distress that can lead to despair much sooner. In general, teens and emerging young adults feel the inadequacy in their coping skills in various areas of their lives. How can your parenting style prepare them to feel competent and capable in handling their future?

The key is resilience. The main ingredient that allows us to experience life’s ups and downs and have the emotional capacity to bounce back and stay healthy.  This talk will increase your awareness and understanding on how to support your teen or young adult to maintain emotional wellbeing and choose healthy living options as they navigate adulthood.


Branding U: Transforming oneself in the Digital Age
March 19, 2022, Saturday 10am PHT |  Cecille Rebollos

In the Experience Age where life is lived at the moment because of social media, more and more the demand to align the virtual self and the authentic self is crucial to build a remarkable reputation that people can trust and connect with.  This calls for one to build a strong personal brand that is purposeful and value-based that others can relate to.

A Personal Branding workshop showcasing the relevance of building one’s identity and reputation in the Experience Age. This workshop intends to help participants discover, build and communicate their Personal Brand to increase relatability that will allow them to expand their circles of influence, personally and professionally.


Tatak Pinoy: Transcending Philippine Fashion and Culture to the Global Market
April 16, 2022, Saturday 10am PHT |  Corinne Romabiles

With the perspective of pushing the potential of Filipino creatives and the entire creative economy, this info session is anchored on the principles of Nation Branding in setting & implementing measurable metrics & standards for globalization of the Filipino Brand & Identity

This 1.5 hour workshop is intended to support its attendees as they undergo a process of Reflection, Discovery & Articulation that’s firmly rooted in Philippine Culture, Anthropology, Philosophy & Art together with Design Thinking in transforming & aligning a brand’s ethos, visual identity, structure and communication with global standards of Nation Branding.